Board Member Bios

President - Anne Wera

There are random times, still, when I pause in my busy schedule, to stare in disbelief at my children and marvel at the fact that I have TWINS! And I think to myself, what an amazing gift! I will also admit that there are times when I stare at my children in disbelief and justify any given situation on the fact that, I HAVE TWINS! Over time, I have learned to take the good with the bad and to have a good sense of humor about everything in between. Much of my gratitude is owed to the Fort Collins Parents of Multiples. My partner and I joined the FCPOM Club 4 years ago and appreciate the comradery and great friendships we have made along the way. With twin 5 year old girls, other members in the club understand what daily life is really like. .

VP Programs - Jillian Delehoy

My husband and I had decided we were ready to grow our family and thought “Let’s start with one and see how it goes…” HA! Well, I can imagine you all have had the same moment of disbelief-silence- excitement-terror-elation-trepidation-joy as we did at seeing not one, but two heartbeats. After the dust settled and we swallowed the new truth that was to be our lives, we haven’t looked back. We had two beautiful girls in March 2013 and have loved watching them learn, grow and love. FCPOMC has allowed me to forge fantastic friendships with other MOMs who have helped me keep my sanity.

As the FCPOMC Activities Chair, I strive to make sure that we have a surfeit of activities that cover the vast diversity of interests of families within the club. If you ever have an activity idea or want to help, feel free to contact me.

VP Community Outreach - Valerie Brown

Eleven years ago, he laughed unbelievably. That was my husband’s response when we found out that we were having twins. We had previously joked about having twin girls, because we already had two singleton boys. Due to complications, I had an ultrasound at 8 weeks. The babies were fine, but I had a huge blood-clot in the uterus too. I was put on full bed rest. The rest of the pregnancy went by quite uneventfully, with many ultrasounds. We knew that they were identical twin boys; thus making us a family with four boys, in four years – our daughter came three years later. Overall, life with twins has truly been a blessing! They get over all those really challenging phases that, at the time, you think will never end. You get to experience all the wonder and awe that other people have over twins, and get to experience their joys and questions too.

VP Club Inreach - Christina Gomez

People often ask me how I get anything done... I always reply "slowly"!!  My husband, Ozzie and I have learned to embrace life with our 4 young children and the time it takes to do things or go places.  Our oldest two will be 6 in March and I now find myself excited at the newfound freedom as they enjoy picking their own clothes, dressing themselves and tying their own shoes.  I still have extra socks and underwear in my glovebox for those moments when we rush out and "forget" things, but it is so much fun watching them learn the world around them.  Twins are an amazing experience and this group has provided our family with great opportunities and friendships.  It is so wonderful knowing you are not alone and there is always someone willing to give advice from their own parenting journey.

Secretary - Trish Innacito

My name is Trish Iannacito and my husband Mark and I have boy-girl twins who will be 7 years old on February 29th. (Or 1 ¾, depending on how you count leap year birthdays.) After struggling with infertility for several years, we were excited to get pregnant with twins. I work as a pediatric speech language pathologist so I thought I knew a lot about young children. Having infant twins was much harder than I would have ever predicted. We had joined the twins club while we were pregnant and I am ever so grateful for all of the support we received from club members when Liam and Emilia were newborns. Someone told me once “the days are long but the weeks are short” and it was a very apt description of their infancy. Liam and Emilia continue to challenge and amaze us on a daily basis.

Newsletter - Bev and Chris Jackson

Hello, we are Chris & Beverly Jackson. Chris works on the newsletter (along with Beverly’s help) and the Grow With Me Sale committee. When not helping out the Club or friends, Chris works full time for Pepsi. Beverly takes care of our 3 boys and escorts them to their many activities since they don't like staying home. We found out we were having twins at our first ultrasound and it made us both laugh because one side of our family was teasing us about having twins before the news! We were blessed with identical boys on November 14th, 2012. Christian and William are rambunctious boys who are enjoying having a younger brother. James blessed us again just over 2 years later on November 26th, 2014! We take every day one at a time and make the most of it, knowing that the kids define our plans.

Treasurer - vacant

Grow With Me Chair - Beverly Jackson

Hi there. Together with my husband, Chris Jackson, we serve the club in various places. We love giving back to the club that has given us so much! We have a house full of chaos and toys, but I wouldn't dream of having our house any other way. Life hasn't taken me down the path I envisioned, however I don't think my vision holds a candle to the life I have! My rowdy crazy boys make me laugh daily, usually right before I have to tell them no to something! We love the FCPOM club and the friends we've made and love helping out where we can.

Mentor Mom Coordinator - Kim Gorman

Hi my name is Kim Gorman.  My husband Todd and I have 3 children: Trey age 10, Mollie & Chet age 8.   Our family loves to travel!  All five of us are very happy on a plane or a long road trip.  We spend our winters in the mountains skiing and our summers at the lake swimming and fishing. Traveling with three kids has become much easier as the children have become older.   I can remember spending days packing fun activities, small toys and treats before a big road trip!   Now the kids pretty much pack for themselves, but we still need to check bags.   A few years ago before a flight Trey's backpack was unusually heavy.   Upon further inspection we found he had packed a metal horseshoe!  This past Christmas Mollie was able to fit 12 puppies (stuffed animals) into her suitcase. She returned with 14!  Early on Todd and I adopted the attitude that even if a family outing wasn't a complete success at least we would learn something from it that would surly make our next trip easier.  My advise, get out there and try new things with your family.  You will learn tricks to make traveling easier as you go and you will be making family memories that will last a lifetime!

Advisor - Staci Langford

For years, I joked with my husband about "when we had twins". My mother was a fraternal twin, so it seemed entirely possible. When I was told twins were on the way, I was so excited. My wish came true! However, the major news headline at the time was the separation of the conjoined twins. I kept asking the ultra-sound tech to make sure our twins were ok and not conjoined. I'm so grateful for the blessing of my twin boys and their older sisters. Sometimes it is crazy to go somewhere and realize, “I'm the only person here with twins." Getting together with other families from the Multiples Club is great - then I'm not the only one with twins!


Playgroup Leaders:

First Years - Steph Kinser

Steph Kinser became a new mom of identical twin girls in early 2014. With 4 month old twins in tow, she and her husband Dan relocated to Fort Collins from Denver to enjoy the smaller community and take advantage of Steph quitting her “office” job. After being trained as a birth doula and having a decades-long career as a software marketing executive, Steph has learned first-hand that plans and twins don’t often (really… ever??) belong in the same breath. Birth plan and project plans may be out the window, but Steph is embracing each day and is looking forward to many new unplanned, but super fun, moments.

Preschool - Natalie Steel

Our kids are frequently mistaken as triplets as Eliza is only 13 months older than Jaxen and Brycen. I was teaching elementary school when Eliza was 6 months old and I found out I was pregnant again. It was a complete shocker, so we needed an ultrasound to confirm a due date. Upon entering that appointment, my husband, Jordan commented that he thought we were having twins. I told him I would buy him dinner if that were true since I couldn't even comprehend taking two more babies. We quickly saw the double images, called parents in tears, and forgot about a glamorous restaurant dinner date. Now my life consists of running a full-time preschool with three kids in similar stages of life. This is a beautiful stage of life since they are great friends. I'm enjoying each moment with these ya-hoos!

School Age - Jodi Gallegos

Hi my name is Jodi Gallegos and I am the mother of 11 year old identical twin boys. We moved from Boulder 5 years ago. My twins were born with Arterial Twin to Twin transfusion so we had a rocky start & spent a good majority in & out of the hospital for the first 5 years. We couldn't have made it without the support of the Boulder twins club & the wisdom they shared.. We really enjoyed all the activities & sense of community we had there. It has always been my belief to pay it forward therefore I hope to be able to bring part of those experiences to this position. My boys have special needs so it has made the school years a very interesting journey. People say twins are double the trouble but in our household it's double the pleasure.