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Grow with Me Sale Advertising and Sponsor / Vendor Registration & Waiver

We must receive your completed online form to hold your vendor space. Cancellation after May 1 will result in a fee of the entire $50 - $150 amount.

Advertising Sponsor Registration
Sponsor / Vendor Waiver and Agreement

Rules and Regulations for Vendors:

  1. Vendors will handle all of their own monetary transactions and keep all proceeds from sales at their booths. Grow With Me Sale is not responsible for theft or damage that may occur during the sales to the public. N/A Fall 2018 Sale. 
  2. The Grow With Me Sale will provide vendors one table, and two chairs. Vendors must provide their own equipment, table coverings, display materials and other materials necessary to provide information/sales to the public. Booths with access to electricity are available upon request. You must provide your own power cords. WiFi is available for an additional fee payable to The Ranch. N/A Fall 2018 Sale. 
  3. Vendors are responsible for all licenses and/or permits related to their individual sales, including but not limited to health and safety requirements, and sales tax. Additionally, vendors must abide by all Federal, State, City and County rules regulating their particular industry and remit all sales tax as required by law. The Grow With Me Sale will submit a list of all participating vendors to the Sales Tax and Use office as required by law. N/A Fall 2018 Sale. 
  4. Due to contract limitations with The Ranch, no food is allowed to be sold at vendor tables without approval from The Ranch. N/A Spring 2018 Sale. 
  5. Vendors may not keep unpaid merchandise at their tables.  Vendors may not be out on the sales floor during non-shopping hours.  The sale cannot hold unpaid merchandise for vendors. N/A Fall 2018 Sale. 
  6. All Sponsors are required to submit a digital copy of their logo for use on the sale website and facebook page within 7 days of being accepted as a sponsor. The logo can be submitted to growwithme@twinsntriplets. com.
  7. Flyer and Banner Sponsors are required to submit flyer materials and/or company banner at least 2 weeks prior to the sale. Please contact for drop off locations. 
  8. Sale hours are:
    Thursday, September 20, 5:00-9:00 pm – Private “Preview Party” - Club Members, Sellers, Banner Sponsors, and “Buddy Passes”
    Friday, September 21, 9 am – 7 pm – OPEN TO THE PUBLIC
    Saturday, September 22, 8-1 pm – OPEN TO THE PUBLIC (Half-price day)

(Sign Below) I have read, understand and will abide by all rules and regulations listed above. I understand that noncompliance with these rules and regulations governing sponsors at the Grow With Me Sale may result in denial of participation at the event and forfeiture of vendor fees.

(Sign Below) I hereby release and forever discharge the Grow With Me Sale, its affiliates, Fort Collins Parents of Multiples Club, and any other individual or entity sponsoring this event from and against any and all claims, damages, liabilities, costs, and expenses (including attorney fees) arising from or related to participation in the Grow With Me Sale.

(Sign Below) I understand and acknowledge this event may be canceled due to weather or any unforeseen situations as deemed appropriate by the Grow With Me Sale. I can donate the entry fee or receive a refund of such at my request.

All banner level sponsors are invited to join us during the private, “Preview Party” shopping hours on Thursday, May 10 from 5:00-9:00 pm!  We will provide a shopping pass for up to two people.  This is for you and your parenting partner OR you and your business partner. 

I agree to advertise my participation in the FCPOMC’s Grow with Me Kids Sale & Family Expo to my customers via mail/email/phone contact, and will encourage them to invite their friends to attend. 

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Your vendor registration will be reviewed after you submit this application and someone will be in touch within 48 hrs with your approval and for payment information.